Contemporary Conceptual Artist, Painter

Louisville, Kentucky, USA


UPCOMING: Exhibition in Dijon, France 2017

2017: "Joie de Vis" International Exchange : Metro Hall Louisville, KY

Current: Owner/Operator of “The Suitcase Studio”: Mobile Art Classes

2007- 2009: Curator/Artist Rep for Kentucky Backroads Gallery: Corporate sales and Promotion. Gallery closed: economy

2004: Arranged/Curated/Installed: 2nd International Art Collective exhibition in conjunction with Frazier Museum and Office of International and Cultural Affairs. Over 100 works in all media featuring artists from more than 15 countries.

2000-2003: In house art teacher and art program coordinator for “Neighborhood House” Youth Art Program through United Way. A program designed to keep inner city youth off the streets.

2002: invited to spend a month and exhibit “Spirit Houses” in Dijon, France.

2002: Instigated, organized and implemented International Art exhibition for the City of Louisville in conjunction with the International Cultural Center and the Office of the Mayor.

2001: 2 Presentation Pieces by request of Mayor of Louisville to President of 5/3 Bank and Reverend Billy Graham.

1998-00: Worked in family business doing décor/murals, special event planning.

1998: Installation (22’x17’x24’) at Louisville Galleria benefiting Harbour House in conjunction with Lou. Visual Art Association and Valumarket. Involved conception and execution of “Holiday Wonderland”.

1996: Exhibiting/demonstrating artist in Mainz, Germany: “1st Festival of Artisians” - 1 of 25 artists invited from around the world.

1998,97,96: Co-ordinated elementary schools to produce award winning vignette for Sister Cities of Louisville at Festival of Trees and lights.

1992-1995: Extensively involved with establishing the promotion and production of ARTSfest and Strassenfest. The mission of ARTSfest is to offer “free to the public” performances by professional performing and visual arts groups in the region and country. This also involved personal, extensive fundraising through corporate sponsorship.

1996: Decorative renovation of “A Nice Restaurant”: involved artworks and decorative painting.

1995: ARTSfest Visual Co-chair and juror.

1995: Participation in Jefferson Co. Public Schools “Career Days” High Five Program. Presented with certificate for “Outstanding Service”.

1995: Invited to instruct at The Louisville Visual Art Association based on series The Magic Forest”.

1995: Invited instructor: Luhr Elementary: 5th grade (Special Ed.).

1997,96,95:  Donated work to PBS Channel 15 Auction


2014: Makers Mark

2014: Indoor/outdoor murals for Parkway Rehab/Nursing

2003-04: Gallopalooza: Sponsors- Coca-Cola, Fischer, Dean Foods

2001: Reverend Billy Graham

2001: 5/3 Bank: Downtown Louisville, KY

2000: Lobby installation: Hurstbourne Parkway, Lou., KY

1996: “Hotel Atlier” Mainz, Germany

1996: Great Financial Bank (Installation): Hurstbourne Park, Lou.,KY

1996: “A Nice Restaurant”: New Albany,IN

1995: Trans Financial Inc.: Bowling Green, KY

1994: Ramada Inn Hotel: Jeffersonville, IN

1994: Jewish Hospital Heart and Lung Corporate Offices: Lou, KY

1993: Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services: Lou, KY

1993: “Neil’s Place” Restaurant: Sellersburg, IN


2010-11: “12th Annual. Abstraction” (Special Recognition) Upstream People Gallery

2010: “Darknes to Light” Caladan gallery, Cambridge, Mass

2010: "Symbols" solo exhibition Gallery Janjobe: Louisville, Ky

2010, 2009: Art Avenue International Invitational

2008-2009: Ongoing exhibition in Wine Tasting room: Westport Whiskey & Wine

2008: “Kentucky Rivers”Louisville Artisians Guild Juried Annual, KYBR Gallery

(First Place Award )

2008: “City of Angels & Devils” Solo Exhibition: KYBR Gallery, Louisville

2008: “Lincoln” KYBR Gallery, Louisville, KY

2004: “Color II” Period GalleryLincoln, NE

2004: “A History of Conflict-A Future of Hope” Frazier MuseumLouisville, KY

2004: “Women of Wisdom” InvitationalLouisville, KY

2004: “Gallopalooza”  Louisville, KY

2002: “Spirit Houses” solo exhibition   Dijon, France

2002: “Summer Small Works” Limner GalleryNYC, NY

2002: “Junk Love” Reverse Garbage Marrickville, Australia

2002: “International Art Collective Exhibition”  Lou., KY

2002: “To the Point” solol showZeroiac GalleryBarcelona, Spain

2002: “Up to Kivipankki” Jamsa, Finland

2001-2002: “Wildcat Madness” University of Kentucky Basketball MuseumLexington, KY

2002: “Points and Lines” Zeroiac GalleryBarcelona, Spain

2001: “Serenity Circles” Galerie GoraMontreal, QC Canada

2001: Mazin Juried Biennial, Lou, KY

2001:”Summer 2001” Zeroiac Gallery Barcelona, Spain

2001: Evolution Gallery, Orlando ,FL

2001: Bank One, Lou.,KY “The Brunch Bunch Paints the Town”

2001: “A Shared Journey: Confronting Cancer Thru Art” Museum of Art Lafayette, IN

2000: “Earth, Stone, and Steel” Arena Gallery, Chicago, IL

2000: “Small works” Aaron Gallery Washington, DC

1999: “Brunch Bunch” Group Show, Patio Gallery, Lou., Ky

1998: “Come Sail Away” Bank One Gallery, solo show, Lou. KY

1997-92: “Bravo’s Restaurant”: Lou.,KY

2000,97,96:Derby Event: Operation Brightside “Trash Sculpture”

(Awards 97,2000): Lou.,KY

1998,97,96: Beisler Mills Group Show: Lou, KY

1997: “Contemporary Artifacts”: Beisler Mills

1997: “Color is the Keynote” group: Beisler Mills: Lou, KY

1997: “Riversticks” Invitational: Louisville Visual Art Association: Lou, KY

1997: United Parcel Service Corporate Headquarters-individual :Lou, KY

1997: Actors Theatre of Louisville “Other Worlds” Invitational : Lou,KY

1997: Louisville Craftsmen’s Guild Annual (Award) :Lou, KY

1996: Festival of Artisians: Mainz,Germany

2002,1999,96,95:OhioValleyAnnual:20 juried artists from 5 states (Award:96,95) New Albany,IN

1996: “Art of Fine Wine” Select Twelve: Lexington,KY

1996: “The Fine Art of Fine Wine” Invitational: Lexington,KY

1995: “The Magic Forest” Individual Show ,LVAA Sales & Rental : Lou,KY

1995: Woman’s Club Annual (Award): Lou.,KY

1994,92: Donate work to LVAA Children’s Art Fund

1993: “Young Louisvillians III” Invitational: Liberty Gallery: Lou.,KY

1993: Louisville Sculptor’s Show (Invitational), Portland Gallery, Lou.,KY


1998,97,96: “Festival of Trees and Lights”

1997: Louisville Craftsmen’s Guild Annual

1997,00: Operation Brightside “ Trash Sculpture”/ Derby Festival Event

1996,95: “Ohio Valley Annual” Floyd County Museum

1996: “Fine Art of Fine Wine” Select Twelve

1994: ARTSfest: 2 purchase awards, 1 creativity

1993: ARTSfest: 1 purchase award, 1 creativity

1993: Art in Speed Park

2000,1995,93: Louisville Woman’s Club

2010: 12th Annual Abstration: Special Recognition


1995,94,93: ARTSfest: Lou.,KY

2004, 03,1995,93,92: St. James: Lou.KY

1995,93,92: Waterside: Lou.,KY

1995,93: Art in Speed Park: Sellersburg,IN 1991: Ursuline Fair: Lou.,KY


Current: I am represented by Zeroiac Gallery in Barcelona, Spain

KYBR Gallery: Louisville, KY

2004, 2009 “Gallopalooza” (Moonlight Press) 2002: “Wildcat Madness” (Host Communications) 1996: Art in America Gallery Guide

1999,98: “Arts and Crafts Across Kentucky” Featured ArtistLouisville Arts Council: Featured on website www.louisville artscoucil.org.  “River Culture Festival” London, UK –featured artwork


Board Member: Executive Steering Committee for "Envision Jeffersontown"

Current: Art For Progress: NY, NY

Current member since 2001: International Art Collective: Barcelona, Spain

2002- present: Nacional Academy of Fine Arts:  Brazil

2000,99,98: Visual Art Network (VAN) rep for JCC Art Gallery

1996-present: “Brunch Bunch”: Group of 6 women artists

2008, 1997,96: Louisville Craftsmen’s Guild Board member

1996,95,94,93,92: Executive Board Member of Louisville Third Century

1996,95,94,93,92,91: Louisville  Visual Art Association


Melody Doda-Jones: Owner, Kentucky Backroads Gallery

JaniceEmery: Artist/ “Artemesia” Founder


Gena Neumann - Life long Louisville resident and internationally exhibited artist working in experimental mediums for over twenty years.

Always cutting edge, pushing the envelope: working as a professional artist for more than twenty years Neumann has been ahead of the curve with her sleek, contemporary designs.

She shows her work both nationally and internationally winning numerous awards along the way. Invitations to prestigious organizations in the international realm allow her to expand and explore her artistic passion.

Neumann's mixed media and paintings are recognized for their individualistic style. Her dynamic use of color, form, and texture unites in an explosion of energy and balance of harmony.

Collector's of Neumann's works are those who value the expression and depth that come with time and experience. Patrons realize that art is a public expression of personal introspect.


“Gena is a Dreamer” was meant as a negative remark on the comment portion of my 2nd grade report card. I didn’t think of this as a bad trait. In fact, I was rather proud of my ability to slip away from a classroom of 23 bustling kids and was put off by the Teacher who intruded into my world by asking me to read about a dog named “Spot”.

When inevitably asked “What are you going to be?” I can remember being as young as five and saying “an artist”. It is something you are born to. Whether you give yourself over to it is another thing. I have chosen to follow my dreams because I am compelled to do so. I will always be a student trying to reach personal goals and standards. The life of an artist is a living paradox: you strive for peace and beauty yet are never satisfied because you cannot achieve perfection.

So to other fellow dreamers who have “Marches to a Different Drummer” on their report card I say “Bang a Little Louder!”


Growing up and working in the Louisville area has provided me with a working knowledge of the area and people. With my Artwork I have gotten to know the visual and performing Arts groups in the Louisville Metro and surrounding area. Years of volunteer work have given me countless contacts with non-profit groups in the region. Through our family business personal and professional relationships have been established with international and national based companies, as well as media.

I get along very well with others and know how to get my point across in a professional manner. What you will get from me is a Fun, Positive, Hardworking Whirlwind of Creativity- a “Tasmanian Devil with Style”!